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To get an idea of who the Main Cast is...could we have visuals, if not descriptions, to go along with that list of unknown names? Is there romance involved? Any special character routes? 

Those who haven't played any Book of Gray Magic game before, a list of names doesn't tell much, I'm afraid. And. Characters are very importants in visual novels...if I don't know what to expect, holyday sale or not, I can't decide if I want to play this game.


Added some images for you ^^

There is an established lesbian relationship between Ash and Terra, you can pursue 2 different folk with Bel (with a sneaky, tiny 3rd way to go that is short), and Aelf courts his own gay love interest.

Would I be right to assume that those Belinda can pursue are Hecktor and Aku?

Too bad Aelf isn't interested in F/M. He kind of drew me into the game to be frank. 

Oh. Aku is female. 

Mh... no visual for Terra and Prude? Are we supposed to already know the main characters them from the first game? I though this game was a stand alone, but maybe I should not play this game before playing the first?

Last question I promise: who is the pretty elf dude on the lower right of the youtube trailer opening picture? Perhaps a future main chracter in an eventual following game? (Don't tell me he's Aelf's ro. ...Is he? (I swear bl is going to make me die a shriveled and frustrated domme ಥ_ಥ,.. ) 

I love this game! It's a lot of fun and well thought out. I just wish there was a walkthough or list of endings? It's hard to be sure I've finished everything.

^^ That means a lot to us to read. 

Maybe one day there will be a guide for endings, but aside from the (admittedly somewhat esoteric) ending image, but there is not currently one in the works.