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Just played this yesterday and instantly fell in love with it. 

For anyone who has a Mac and wants to play this, the Mac version on itch doesn't work but you can find the game on Steam, it's still free and runs perfectly.

Anyway, thought this game was a lot of fun. Great mix of humor and creepy happenings, personally Live with Jill Count was my favorite of the three stories and Owen was my favorite character. I already bought the sequel and I'll be checking it out soon!

When trying to play the game on mac it gives you the message:

"The application “PerceptionsOfTheDead” can’t be opened."

I found it on Google Playstore, which only contained "Perceptions of Dead" one. So, I'm very glad to find the complete package here and learn more about the mystery!

I can't wait to unravel the next episode, if just my saving allows it T^T

does it continue from where it left off with the girl in tyrone's house?


The second game follows Jill, Owen, Marcus in Ripley as they search for Tyrone. Tulip makes an appearance, and is a main character in the 2nd story for part 2 which is currently being created thanks to a Kickstarter stretch goal.

This was so good! The art, the characters, the stories, the voice acting, everything! Thank you for making this game! :D

I tried to play this on Mac and couldn't get it to work…I managed to get it to run by opening it through the RenPy developer, but something is definitely wrong with the Mac .app. Just wanted to let you know!

Thank you for the heads up!

Good game, is it possible for something to be light-hearted but kinda scary at the same time? Just a question, is Jill going to be back or is she just a one-time occurence? Just curious since Tyrone came back and it seems it won't be the last time he will! Thanks for the game!


That's the plan for everyone to come back! Thank you for playing ^^

soo is this game going to be continued 

Yes! :3

WONDERFUL, simply WONDERFUL, great job dear devs, top notch voice acting and great stories, TOP TOP TOP, i rated the game 5 stars, one of the best VN ever made in my opinion :)  

So glad you liked it :D Thank you for doing a play through of it!