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Perceptions of the Dead 2  is a visual novel made up of short stories starring quirky and cute characters in a mysterious and haunted setting. So far there are 3 stories in the game, with a fourth under development.

Three months ago, Jill learned ghosts are real. Now she has to save the only Acolyte who can help her live in a world of the dead.

In October of 2017, Jill Count held an IRL streaming event from within the haunted hospital of Saint Heart. The events there left her forever changed and able to now see ghosts.

Haunted by the ghost of a young man she met there, Jill travels to find Tyrone, hoping he can help her. 

Finding him missing, she is quickly roped into helping save him.  

Little does she know what she is actually walking into. A ~2 hour long adventure filled with goofs and spooks.

Completion of the first story unlocks the others.

Infiltrate a high school, hunt down a ghost that's murdering other ghosts, and try not to get lost along the way. A cupcake filled adventure lasting ~1 hour and 30 minutes.

Enjoy a quiet Hallow's Eve with Jill, Owen and a wistful spirit from the past. An atmospheric, heartfelt adventure of ~30 minutes.

Ripley helps Marcus look at a house he's considering buying when they end up hunting more than just a house.

An amazing cast of voice actors help bring the characters to life.
Jill Harris - Jill Count
Alex Weber - Owen
Quinn O'Quinn - Tyrone
Amy Saville - Ripley
Josh Putnam - Marcus
Lauren Kawamura - Tulip
And many more.


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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One of my favorite VNs I've played in recent memory. The world feels fully realized with the moving/floating sprites, CGs, cut scenes and voice acting which almost makes it feel like a hybrid between a fully animated cartoon and a traditional VN. The art style is vibrant and the characters (esp frat bro Owen) are all great. I enjoyed the first instalment but you guys did a great job expanding the lore and giving more depth to the characters that were introduced. It was all really fun and immersive.

Thanks for making this game, hoping for more stories and/or a part 3!